EZXFunkmasters 1.2

EZXFunkmasters is a recording of two important drummers in popular music
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EZX Funkmasters 1.0 is a unique and exclusive recording of two of the most important drummers in popular music.
The program features a combination of recordings by Clyde Stubblefield and John "Jab’o" Starks. Starks and Stubblefield were the main drummers for the Godfather of Soul and Funk, Mr. James Brown. The foundation of hip-hop was laid by the samples and looped audio of their original beats and breaks. Most of the experimental and popular music is a conclusion which originated by their breaks. The software has sampled both their unique sound and grooves. The program features drum samples like the tight sizzle of the hi-hats to the snap and crack of the snares. The application has effects sliders in the EZmixer, a Vinyl effect created with the use of iZotopes Vinyl plug-in and large Plate reverb re-sampled at Toontrack Music Studios, Umea. This provides an all in one package for the user to create real sounding funk tracks.

The software enables the users to create genres and samples from the original beats and breaks of the two renowned drummers. It is easy to use and features various samples which create different funk tracks.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Different samples enable the user to create various tracks


  • Drum effects are exhaustive
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